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Since its inception over four years ago, the Explant Financial Assistance Program has been a charitable work in progress.  We have been glad to help as many as we can and to do more.  This desire was expressed by our simplification of the Program terms at the beginning of 2018—so as to make it easier to get help to women in need of financial assistance to cover the costs for removal of breast implants.

Due to the heavy volume of applications that we received, we had to suspend the acceptance of new applications.  Unfortunately, the Program will not be re-opened for new applications from the public.

Payments on previously-approved applications, however, will be processed for many months.

If you have received a Notice of Explant Financial Assistance from us, but have not received an assistance check, it generally means:

-that you have not undergone explant surgery, or

-that if you have undergone explant surgery, you have not submitted all of the  paperwork we requested from you.

Furthermore, if you received your Notice of Explant Financial Assistance letter from us in 2018, you may have been informed by mail over the past few months of special deadlines for submitting the appropriate paperwork. If you believe you fall in this category and have additional questions, you may contact the Program at the above number.

Are there any other programs out there that provide similar financial assistance for explant surgery?

Unfortunately, we are unaware of any.  We understand that the need for this surgery is great. (Indeed, our sense is that it is only growing.)

An excellent resource exists to help people understand if insurance coverage exists (including Medicare and Medicaid) for removal of implants.  This is the Insurance Coverage Assistance Program, operated by the National Center for Health Research.  The website is